Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Se Turtles

Did you know that sea turtles can grow up to 1.5 metres and weigh about 395 kilograms. There are seven species of them and all of them are endangered or critically on the list of endangered.
 If you're trying to look for sea turtles I know some great places to scuba dive and visit them.  

there's the great barrier reef in Australia , it is the largest coral reef system in the world with six species of sea turtles , Sipadan in Malaysia is often ranked the top diving destination in the world, you usually see 30 sea turtles on one dive and Akumal in Mexico , the word Akumal literally means the place of turtles. Sea turtles live for at least 100 years and live their lives in the beautiful ocean but the females find their way back to the beach from where they were born and give birth to at least 110 eggs that transform into tiny sea turtles. Over two whole months the eggs finally hatched and the cute baby sea turtles race to the ocean and swim till they are in the open ocean. But that is only the beginning of there dangerous life.                                                                                               

Sea turtle are slowly getting extinct. More and more sea turtles are dying each day from us humans and the mistakes we are making. We are taking their food away and dumping rubbish in the seas and they [do not deserve] this. They live off the resources of the Earth that we share with them and we are taking it away. Sea pollution is a big part in why sea turtles are dying. Sea turtles eat coral fish and much more but we are taking it away with over fishing dumping rubbish and sea pollution. Innocent turtles are dying and they do not deserve this they have never done anything to us so why are we killing them we should be helping them to survive.

Sea turtles have hard lives. From when they are born and to when the female comes up on the beach to lay their eggs. Now you may be wondering how they can survive in the ocean being around predators like sharks and dogs on the beach well this is how.First things first how do the baby sea turtle survive once after being hatched from their eggs. Baby sea turtles are quite smart, they only go to the ocean when it is dark so a higher percentage of the sea turtles survive. Baby sea turtles are amazingly fast at swimming so they can get away from some birds. Now when the sea turtles are adult they don't need to work as hard to get away from predators. Sea turtles hard shell and speed in the ocean makes them not a very good snack for a shark. One of the most dangerous jobs of being a female sea turtle is laying the eggs. The turtles have to wait till dark to go hatch their eggs but once it is dark the turtles slowly crawl up on the sand dunes and find a spot to lay the eggs. Sea turtles have to be wary about predators like dogs that could attack them but that is why they go out at night. Once all the eggs have been laid they carefully fill in the hole with sand and make it blend into the rest of the sand dune. After that they slowly and carefully travel back down to the ocean and continue with the rest of their life.Sea turtles have a hard life so we need to help to protect them.


There are hundreds of people that are helping to stand up for the turtles. Turtles are beautiful animals and don't have a voice but we can be that voice for them they do not deserve what they are getting. They have never done anything to us human but we are here killing them for leather and glory two things in this world that we don't even need.We need to be wary of what our dogs do on the beaches where sea turtles could be nesting or where their eggs are laid. So please help stand up for the turtles they have been in this world longer than us so let them live on. Because what you or your dog could do can drive sea turtles out of existence.  

                                                                    Intro: Kelly
1 paragraph: Kelly
2 paragraph: Neo
3 paragraph: Ryan                       
Conclusion: Neo, Ryan                                  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Little Door

I knew it was strange but what I didn't know was that it was also horrific. Every night my mother ferociously said, “Go down to the basement and make sure the little door near the window is always locked!” I didn't know why but she was very strict about it so I did as I was told. I never thought too much of it. Until late one night when I had came home from a party and I was so exhausted that I headed straight to my cozy bed. That was the night I forgot...

The next morning I woke up in a panic. The door! I gasped and rapidly raced to the basement to check if it was still locked. I walked quickly to the little door and heard a thump. I think someone or something was pounding on the door from the other side.
The door sounded like someone was pummeling it repeatedly. Then I yelled “stop!” And it did. I said “Once for yes , twice for no”. “Is anyone in there?” The door thumped once. “Are you okay?” It thumped twice. The last question I asked was “Are you alone?”It thumped twice.

Suddenly the door that led into the basement slammed shut and locked. As I glanced at the basement door I was shaking with frightment. I heard a door knob twist and turn. I looked behind me and the little door slowly creaked opened.

I peeped my head through the little door. I couldn't see anything it was pitch black, but I could hear a little girl talking to me and she said” Thank You for letting me out but now its time to play”.

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The wish

That wish, It was all because of that stupid wish.

One morning my little brother (William) woke me up while jumping up and down on my bed and saying “Happy birthday Amelia”. I asked if it was July the 3rd. He said yes and he did a massive jump and landed on the wooden floor. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed. We sneaked down stairs very quietly and scared our parents. They both jumped with frightment. My mother , father and little brother sang happy birthday to me while carrying a cake.” Cake for breakfast?” I was stunned with surprise meant. I blew out all 10 candles and wished that I could have 1 more wish. But I shouldn't have done that.

My mother and father gave me my one and only present and it was a small bike with a basket at the front. I loved it. My mother gave me and William some money to buy some candy of our choice. William got into the basket and I rode the bike. We both brought some ice cream and then we went to the Rosemary park and found a small river. We both sat on the hard rocks while eating our ice cream.

William got up with his ice cream and started skipping some stones across the river but then he accidently threw a stone at my ice cream. He started laughing. I got very upset because the ice cream got all ove my favourite dress. He kept on laughing and so I got up and threw a stone at his ice cream. Then he started crying. He got so mad and so he started hitting me and he pushed me into the river. I started crying and got so angry. William picked up a stone and  threw it at me but before it hit me I yelled out loud “ I wish that you didn't existed!”.

The stone he threw stopped flying and stayed still for 3 seconds above the river then the stone came flying back to William and smashed him right in the forehead. Then he fell to the ground. “William!” I shouted. I picked myself up from the river and ran to him. His head made a puddle of blood on the ground. I learned CPR last month. So I put my ear right over his nose but he wasn't breathing. I checked his pulse but nothing was beating. I tried putting my two hands over his chest  and pushed down but nothing happened. I shed a thousand tears. I couldn't think or move I just sat there next to my dead brother.

No More War

Death filled the skies, dead bodies laying by.

The poppies grow the wind blows everyone shrieks, oh no.

Eyes watered, soldiers slaughtered.

Now we all hope there's no more because no one deserves to be in war.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Downhill Carts

Downhill Carts

Have you ever wanted to have control of a go cart, but with no engine?

You probably think that downhill go carts is basically just going down a hill in a go cart, but The hill you will ride is extremely bumpy. When you go down the hill there will be a lot of bumps and rocks.  While you ride down the hill you will see some tires by a fence, you're not supposed to go that way because that's not the track but you can got that way if you want. The right way is if you turn on a curve that is shaped like a U. There will be some more tires on the side of the track and some of those tires a records on how far you go.

The downhill carts can be a dangerous activity if you aren't cautious and don’t have the right equipment. If you don’t have the equipment it is a 50/50 percent chance you could get injured but  it is impossible to do the activity. The equipment you need is a helmet and most important the cart. The helmet is very important because your head goes crazy with all the bumps in the track and if you didn't have a helmet then you could fall on your head and die but the carts are pretty stabled so you won't fall. This is a tip that is very important, when you’re half way down the hill don’t turn all willy nilly, otherwise you will damage the cart and yourself.

How you do the downhill carts may sound easy but it is one of the hardest things to keep control of. You need to be tense the whole time but still ready to turn. If you aren’t tense then you will be wobbling around everywhere and could fall out. Also you will need to hold onto the steering wheel quite tight or then your hands will fall off and you are in danger of falling out or sliding.

Downhill carts can be a nerve racking activity but after your first turn you will be more confident and want to have another go. I hope this will give you an idea of how to do it where you do it and what you need. Completing this activity will be very rewarding and give you a lot of satisfaction.

By Ryan and Kelly.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Facts about me.

Happy 2015 everybody. So since I did'int tell much about me last year, I will tell you more about me this year. First things first, My favourite colour is red, my favourite animal is a monkey(all kinds of monkeys.)
I love fantasy, comedy and comic books or movies. I'm full Kiwi, half Samoan and quarter Chinese. Fashion designing use to be my dream job but now I have no idea what job I would like to have when I'm older. My favourite sport is netball and rugby. I love the beach and my family. That about sums me up , actually the last thing you need to know about me is I'm crazy but not horror movie crazy more like hyper crazy. Ok,  that is mostly all you need to know about me.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I was walking on the steps to the wooden stage. We sat down on the benches and waited for the instructions to sing. The lights shone a spotlight on all of the kids as we stood up. We sang The story of my life, By 1D.  We weren't  the best in the world but we did alright.We sat down after the song and enjoyed the applause from the audience. Then we had to watch the actors act.

The characters were interesting… But in a good way, I mean.. They were funny. Yo-b was hilarious he was a gangster/video gamer guy , then there was Gruby she was kinda like the main character and she was a chilled ga’l. Now Patricia…. She was like the queen bee , she was the most fabulous one out of the team. Britt was the team nerd ,  a cool nerd. Then its time for Johnny he was the athletic guy he was nice and smart kinda like your average guy. Everyone give it up for the narrator AKA my favourite character out of the production. She was the bossy one and she would make a great super nanny.

Yay time for the Hansel and Gretel dance.  Ah man I got the lollipop song stuck in my head. The kids were so cute and the audience loved it because they gave a massive applause that nearly made me deaf. The next dance was the three little pigs. My best friends class by the way. The girls wore a pig mask and tutus and the boys wore a wolf mask and furry coats.

The light’s were starting to annoy me because I felt dizzy and got a headache. I could hear all the moaning from the kids because it seemed like eternity that we had to sit on the but aching benches. When the lights turned off I  took a deep breath of relief. The prop people were rushing to put the stage props on stage.

I got butterflies in my stomach because it was time… Time to fly. I mean dance. I was so excited and nervous and….. Ok I will start dancing now. ( Bonus point if you know what fairy tale I am.) I  jumped up and my red hood was flowing with me. The boys did some wolf poses and so did the girls. When the dance was over the audience clapped and cheered and my cheeks went tomato red. I was so happy. The lights dimmed down and we had to go back on the benches but instead of the the benches I had to sit on the floor because there was no room to even take a step on the bench.

After all the dances it was nearly the end of the Production and I was so excited to stand up and have a stretched. After the longest 5 minutes of my life the production ended. Yay! It was time to sing the last song and have my stretch. When all the kids stood up they stretch as well as me. Then we sang happy and this time it was better than today was a fairytale. Once we sang we went down the wooden steps on to the carpet and that was my production experience. When I walked outside with my sister and nana I saw the moon and thought in my head ,  I enjoyed the production but I was also glad that It was finish because I was so tired.